Fashion Friday

It’s Friday!

You know what that means, well maybe you don’t.  Last week we rolled out our new article series “Fashion Friday” where we pick out cool and exciting new ways to express your love for cats!



COCOLEGGINGS Womens 3D Digital Cartoon Print Stretch Leggings Footless Tights

These leggings aren’t just distinguishable, they’re comfy!

Made with a blend of polyester and spandex, these leggings come in a multitude of variations, so be sure to order more than one pair!

Cat Leggings

Sorry I cant..I Have Plans With My Cat Mens & Ladies Unisex Fit Slogan T-Shirt

This is a shirt I can attest to, I mean it basically explains my social life for the last…well anyway, I NEED this shirt.

Order yours today on Amazon for only $5.99!

cat shirt

depet(TM) New Funny Pet Clothes Caribbean Pirate Dog Cat Costume Suit Corsair Dressing up Party Apparel Clothing for Cat Dog Plus Hat

Okay, so to be fair this is for your cat, but Halloween is right around the corner!  Who doesn’t wanna dress up their kitty in a cute little outfit so they can play along?

pirate cat


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