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Welcome to People With Pussies

We are so glad that you have joined to share in the beauty and wonder that is our cats. We started this page as a way of sharing all the things that make us love our feline friends. We love to share videos that are funny and some that are informative. Play kitty jigsaw and see if you can set the fastest time. Take a quick poll or quiz and see what type of cat person you are.

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We encourage our members to send us their cat pics so that we can share them with the world. Follow us on Facebook for all the funny and interesting cat news you can get. If you love kitten videos or just love looking at cute kittens you have come to the right place.

Our mission is to get your mind off everything else and focus on our furry friends. You can show your love for cats by purchasing our limited edition “People with Pussies” ladies V-neck T-shirt right on our site or go to Amazon Prime and purchase there. There are tons of people that favor a dog over a cat and we are fine with that. It takes a special person to love and be loved by their cat. Puppies will automatically give their owner all the attention they need but a kittens affections have to be earned. Cats can be lazy, crazy, social, secluded, energized, sleepy, agile, clumsy, and that is all in one day.


There are currently 63 breeds that are recognized as championship breeds by TICA also known as The International Cat Association.  We love them all and want to share everything in the world of cats!  


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